Monday, July 17, 2017

GST Simplified

Goods And Services Tax requires companies to reinvent the way they do business. Some points to note:
  • State-wise registration will be needed
  • Some previously exempt goods are within the tax net now
  • The compliance rules have completely changed
  • Invoice is the king
  • Purchases from unregistered sellers will lead to reverse charge
  • Composition scheme comes with multiple conditions
  • Exemption threshold does not apply in all cases

    There is still a lot of fear and confusion around. Leave your worries to us. Eurion Constellation is here to become your reliable partner in this new journey and assist you at every step:
    • Structure Planning and Value Chain Validation
    • Working Capital Reassessment
    • Tax Planning
    • Registrations
    • Returns and On-going Compliance
    • Disputes 

    Drop a line at contact@eurionconstellation.com or consulting@eurionconstellation.com

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