Tuesday, January 17, 2017

7 Times You Should Start A Business

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In my experience as a business consultant, the single most important attribute of an entrepreneur is the aptitude - natural or developed. Aptitude is the biggest facilitator of success and everything else follows. As Guy Kawasaki puts it, "Entrepreneurship is not for everyone." But once you have that covered, the second most critical factor is the timing.

Apart from timing the market, you should also know when the time is right for you. CEO of Buddy Media, Michael Lazerow provides some interesting insights in this old but relevant article. It asks you to consider starting a business when:
  1. You are young.... it's easier to pour your life into a company when you're young, creative, fresh, and fired up.
  2. You are miserable at work..... life is too short to sit behind a desk and be miserable.
  3. You are out of work...... layoff is a great catalyst if you're already thinking about making the move
  4. You have no responsibilities...... start a company when you have the time and the energy and the freedom to do so
  5. You have an incurable obsession...... incurable obsession must be consistent over an extended period of at least three months. Let it sit.
  6. You are an "intrapreneur"........ have launched stuff inside large companies and have put some money in the bank
  7. Do it today....... you can try to pick the best time to start a business. But any attempt to do so won't make you more or less likely to succeed. 
 This content is contributed by Swati Sinha, MD, Eurion Constellation

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